Extremely fast, lightweight annotation scanner for the classpath, classloader, or files for Java 6+

Updated 1 week ago

Method, field, queue, and message/event bus benchmarks

Updated 5 years ago

Utilities for working with bytes and collections of bytes

Updated 5 days ago

Parse and extract data from Microsoft LZX compressed .cab files for Java 6+

Updated 19 hours ago

Updated 7 days ago

Configuration properties that can be defined via the CLI, system properties, environment variables, or file.

Updated 7 months ago

Unbuffered input and ANSI output support for Linux, MacOS, or Windows for Java 6+

Updated 2 years ago

Plugin to auto-configure cross-compilation builds for java projects

Updated 1 year ago

Native Desktop enhancements beyond the java.Desktop standard class for Java 1.8+

Updated 1 week ago

Shell, JVM, and SSH command execution on Linux, MacOS, or Windows for Java 11+ and Kotlin

Updated 1 week ago

Finite State Machine using the AhoCorasick implementation using a Double Array Trie, java 8+

Updated 6 days ago

Gradle Plugin to manage various Gradle tasks, such as updating gradle and dependencies

Updated 20 hours ago

Supports compiling/building the Vaadin framework via Kotlin Gradle

Updated 1 week ago

Native JNA extensions for Linux, MacOS, and Windows

Updated 2 weeks ago

Java project management and build tool, using the Java language for Java 6+

Updated 5 years ago

Cloudflare API v4 in kotlin

Updated 2 months ago

License definition and management plugin for the Gradle build system

Updated 4 days ago

Lightweight, extremely fast, and zero-gc message/event bus for Java 6+

Updated 2 years ago

Drop-in replacement for MinLog to log through slf4j

Updated 1 week ago

High-performance, event-driven/reactive network stack for Java 11+

Updated 3 weeks ago