Fast, lightweight, and compatible blocking/non-blocking/soft-reference object pool for Java 6+
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This provides an ObjectPool, for providing for a safe, and fixed sized pool of objects. This is only recommended in systems were garbage collection is to be kept to a minimum, and the created objects are large.

  • This is for cross-platform use, specifically - linux 32/64, mac 32/64, and windows 32/64. Java 11+


    val <T> pool = ObjectPool.nonBlocking(PoolObject<T>() {
         * Called when an object is returned to the pool, useful for resetting an objects state, for example.
         fun onReturn(`object`: Foo) {
   = 0;
   = null;
          * Takes an object from the pool, if there is no object available, will create a new object.
          fun onTake(`object`: Foo) {
           * @return a new object instance created by the pool.
          override fun newInstance(): Foo {
             return Foo();

    val foo = pool.take()


Maven Info


Gradle Info

dependencies {
    implementation "com.dorkbox:ObjectPool:4.2"


This project is © 2020 dorkbox llc, and is distributed under the terms of the Apache v2.0 License. See file "LICENSE" for further references.